Blasphemy, Not Apostasy | (Human)DolphinNets

Below is the text for the talk I’m giving as part of the Reconsidering John C. Lilly symposium that takes place online on April 2, 2022. I’m hoping to expand on the distinction between a behaviorialist and an ethological approach to thinking through (human)dolphinNets when I turn the talk into a book chapter in the […]

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The Net Has Never Been Neutral

Below is a piece, part of my larger Other Networks project, I originally posted on my blog some years ago but then took it down in the hopes that it would find a home in a journal. I’ve since realized that it would be better to share this piece on my website after all! *** […]

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scan of Jenny Hval's typographic representation of a cosmic internet

the cosmic internet

Is there a difference–or, how big could the difference really be–between a defunct network that may have stuttered along for just a year or two, thirty or forty years ago, and a fictional network that never existed at all? If the late 20th century and 21st century have taught us anything at all it’s that […]

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two analog phones and line simulator between

Why is this all so delightful? Or, Slow Networks Experiment 6

Now that the Media Archaeology Lab is, incredibly for a humanities/media lab, turning 12 years old, and now that I’ve written on the lab in many different ways (how it embodies certain principles from media archaeology, intervenes in the divide between theory/practice, empowers students to reimagine the future, gives us all meaningful access to how […]

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TV broadcast of Lori Emerson and libi striegl broadcasting

Slow Networks Experiment 5: very short range over-air transmission

Continuing on from “Slow Networks Experiment 1: Over-Air Tranmission,” “Slow Networks Experiments 2 & 3: VHF Radio Transmission,” and “Slow Networks Experiment 4: Videotelephony,” this time we played with a strange and relatively recent entrant to the home security market: the X-10 Wireless video sender which we believe came out in about 1998. This is a puzzling […]

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still of "The End" from movie "Mary Poppins" shown on Mitsubishi videophone

Slow Networks Experiment 4: Videotelephony

Continuing on from “Slow Networks Experiment 1: Over-Air Tranmission” and “Slow Networks Experiments 2 & 3: VHF Radio Transmission,” this time we experimented with videotelephony or videophones – the ancestor of today’s Skype and Zoom. Details below. * Date: Dec. 18, 2020 Location:Media Archaeology Lab, 1320 Grandview Ave., Boulder, CO 80309 Participants:Lori Emerson, libi striegl Network […]

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